We have 3 separate very well established sable herds consisting of a ZambianMatetsi Tanzanian bloodlines. Body size, horn length, posture and colour have always been our focus when sourcing animals for our herds.

We pride ourselves on having a very special Tanzanian herd with striking uniformity in terms of distinctive phenotypical characteristics such as their beautiful chocolate brown colour and big body size.

Heading our Matetsi herd is Skye. He is a 90% Nuclear Southern Sable bull with a horn length of 46+”and a very unique temperament.

Over the past 10 years, we have put together a very special Zambian Sable herd with female stock from some of the leading Zambian Sable breeders in South Africa. The combination of these top females with our 46, 5” breeding bull Sonziwi (son of the legendary Z46) makes for offspring of exceptional quality in terms of colour, size, adaptability and fertility.

Looking into the future, we have acquired progeny of some of the most outstanding bulls out there. With the likes of Tazman, Charlie, Casanova, Mr.Perfect, Magic and Rapella sons and daughters fused into the mix we are very excited for what the future holds.