Buffalo Creek’s latest purchases

We have been busy the past month or so. We’ve invested in what we believe are some of the best Sable and Buffalo genetics available. Buffalo Creek acquired 7 spectacular Pure Zambian, Piet (53, 78”) daughters on the Piet Warren–Ultimate Collection auction. This includes the magnificent 40, 5” P28, 35, 25” P17 and 35, 5” P85. Five of these females will soon be introduced into the herd of the great 52” Walker, at Lumarie. The other 2 will go to the awesome Triton (50 1/8” @ only 51 months) at Nyumbu game.

We thank our friends at Lumarie and Nyumbu for the opportunity to work together on these special projects. Both these bulls are from bloodlines unrelated to Piet. We believe that the fusion of these top bloodlines will, result in great hybrid vigour. Together with Bona Bona we also bought the very promising Piet son, P120 who already measures 45 1/8” at only 3 years 7 months. We are very excited to see what the future holds for this young star.

At the Wintershoek auction we were fortunate enough to be the successful bidder on the young bull Ngurumo. He is the grandson of Tyson (53”) and measures 45 3/8” at only 4 years 7 months. Definitely a bull for the future. We are also very proud of Blue 45, a young cow from the Madikwe bloodline.

We’ve had a lot of success with the Madikwe bloodline in the past and look forward to see what she produces with the likes of Inala & Pymat.

These acquisitions and partnerships affirm Buffalo Creek Game Ranch’s support for , and confidence in the Game Industry in South Africa.


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